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Originally Posted by You
As for Holland America's demographic..... though slightly higher than some other lines... on their Caribbean itineraries you're likely to find an average age for passengers to be the 40s.

Last year when I sailed the Westerdam in the Caribbean, on our particular sailing the average was actually considerably lower than that.

Norm.. sometimes I think you spend too much time tossing out "old reputations" rather than researching more current opinions and experiences.
Perhaps, but I tend to go with the most recent inputs that I have. I'm aware that Holland America Lines does get a somewhat younger crowd in the Caribbean and in Alaska than on global itineraries, but you are the first person I have ever heard say that the median age is as young as forty-something on that line. I'll be looking for additional recent inputs on this to ascertain whether your datum is an outlier (which sets of empirical observations invariably contain) or reflective of a major shift in the line's demographics.

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