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I'll be looking for additional recent inputs on this to ascertain whether your datum is an outlier (which sets of empirical observations invariably contain) or reflective of a major shift in the line's demographics.
The original poster... and many others who visit the boards.. come looking for "first hand" experiences and opinions.... and that was clearly the case with the original post in this thread.

Norm.. in many cases your knowledge and opinions can be invaluble to answer people's questions. However, I think responding to specific questions about ships or lines you have no direct experience with can do a disservice to the questioner.

There's a reason sites like CruiseMates send out staff to review and write current articles on as many cruise lines and ships as possible. The cruise industry is constantly changing, and it's not easy to keep all the information current, and certainly it's difficult for the writers not to infuse at least some of their own tastes in their writings. However most are trained to keep their articles as objective as possible.

That's why researching and reading MANY of the "professional reviews" written, and combining that information with other's "first hand" experiences can generally be a very helpful means for a reader to get a pretty fair assesment of the ships they are researching.

I guess I find it odd seeing responses and opinions on questions regarding ships or cruise lines from people who have no personal experiences on the topic to relate.
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