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We don't all have to agree ALL the time to have a good conversation.

What makes for good conversation, community exchange, or even a party is a good mix of different personalities, toss in a variety of viewpoints and opinions. Good conversation based on this type of personality mix, can stretch our mental muscles and imaginatiion. It can coach us into denial OR ease us into a change of view point...but it rarely leaves us untouched. That's a good thing!

Because you do something good or right does that negate or justifiy the bad or harm you do, and should it??

"Oh, we'll over look your foul mouth, bad temper, rude attitude, terrible treatment of fellow castmates and crew because you did a nice...'whatever'."

This is rewarding bad behavior and teaching the person that as long as they and their Publicity Agents have the money and influence, their bad hehavior or cruel treatment of other's can be covered up with some nice warm 'Norman Rockwall' type publicity spots. Haven knows how sentimental, emotional and easily distracted 'Joe Public' can be!

Rather than adding credibility to a cause, somethimes these Actors and other Public figures, with their antics can detract from it! Think Madonna and Malawi baby.

Again, we give Rosie way too much credit.
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