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Default Re: Self Promotion

On the 16th post of this string, the question was asked. . .

Originally Posted by Parrot Mom
If there was ever a self-promotor it is Trump.... why did he have to have a long tv conference to announce that the beauty queen is going into rehab..
The answer to that question is obviously so that people would talk about him! And it worked great, didn't it? We're now on the 26th post on this string. Granted most of the yak is about Rosie baby, but the Donald ain't stupid. He knows that controversy keeps you in the public eye (and so does the lovely Rosie), plus Donald has another round of that idiotic TV show he does starting up, and since ratings were a little flat last time around, he needs to stir the pot. It's all manipulation, folks. All of it.

Oh, and not to make fun of fellow posters, but the following use of the wrong word just cracked me up. . .

Rosie and her partner, Kelly, I think have three or four children that they have adopted..She is self-depreciating..she doesn't take herself seriously...

That's really funny. Whatever else she is, Rosie is definitely not self-depreciating. She needs to drop 70 or 80 lbs before we can call her that. And assuming the writer really meant "self-deprecating," well, OK, I'd never describe her that way, but to each his or her own. Personally, both she and Donald make my skin crawl.
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