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Originally Posted by rescuedad
David, since I have been following the gripes board you have threatened to quit 3 times. I have spent a while trying to figure you out and just when I think I do you throw me a curve ball. But now I got it!

You just love the attention from the women! Everytime you have threatened to quit they come on begging you to stay. They compliment you, your dapper james bond looks and your wit and you revel in it and you do all this with no intention of quitting because as I said before I believe you are in search of the ultimate debate! and you haven't found it yet.
I think you're taking some of this too seriously.
A lot of the flattery is tongue-in-cheek ...

If you have read any of my banter on some threads particularly "honey I'm Home" you will see I stir the pot. I do this because I find it mentally challenging to go up against or debate many people with a similiar opposite view than mine and come out victorious.
Some would call this a bully, not a pot-stirrer.
You comment on DBG's ego -- but what about your own? Isn't it pretty egotistical to stir the pot just so you can savor the feeling of victory?
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