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Originally Posted by You
I just got off the Millennium on Sunday 12/24/06. The food has dropped at least one star from since I sailed on the Infinity 5 years ago. The "New England" clam chowder really was a joke. Also the fish dishes were poor.
I never order fish on a cruise, regardless of cruise line, though I will eat some shellfish..

Coming from coastal New England where no restaurant that wants to stay in business would even remotely consider serving any fish that isn't that day's catch, I'm accustomed to very fresh fish. If a fish smells at all, we throw it out. Cruise ships, unfortunately, are not configured to catch fish while they are at sea so what they serve is whatever they brought from the last port or, worse still, some port before it where the ship loaded provisions, and it's probably frozen rather than fresh. Thus, their fish can't measure up to my standards so I order something else rather than be disappointed by a meal with which I won't be stisfied. For some reason, shellfish does not seem to go bad if they store it for a few days.

Of course, YMMV!

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