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I think you're taking some of this too seriously.
A lot of the flattery is tongue-in-cheek ...
Whatever keeps him on the boards! Bottom line is that most of his posts are an interesting read and I enjoy bantering with him. I find it ridiculous that he would succumb to the people who do not like or enjoy his posts rather than the ones who do.

Some would call this a bully, not a pot-stirrer.
You comment on DBG's ego -- but what about your own? Isn't it pretty egotistical to stir the pot just so you can savor the feeling of victory?
Poor choice of words of use "victory". Better put, I would say I enjoy the mental challenge as any person who enjoys a debate does. It is a measure of yourself when you can debate and draw people to your point of view and this is not done by bullying. I think DBG would agree.

Mentally challenging yourself is what keeps your mind from going in old age. I see many seniors at my job who have become total vegetables (for lack of a better word) because all they do is sit in front of a TV all day and night instead of challenging themselves, mentally, to keep their minds sharp. This has gone way off topic. I would just like to see DBG stick around.
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