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We were on the RCCI Rhapsody of the Seas; when we witnessed an elderly man go 'Postal'.

We were having breakfast in the Buffet, and noticed an elderly couple sitting at the next table. The wife got up and left...and the husband a minute later got up and left...the table sat empty for a bunch of minutes.

Two bus boys came by and starting cleaning the table off for the next guests...when suddenly the older gentleman re-appeared. He started screaming immediately about his plates being removed. One of the bus boys tried to explain they thought he and his wife had finished eating...they apologized again and again. The man continued to scream...and I do not mean just using his outside voice or a raise voice...he was screaming...out of control, "How can you do this!" "Where's my food?"
"What kind of service is this when you can't leave your own food unprotected??

Again and again with lowered heads and in very quiet calm voices these two bus boys said how sorry they were, but to no avail. They offered to get more food for him…NO NO…he insisted he wanted the food on the plates they had dumped. No other food would do. Finally one left and came back with some chocolate pudding, placed it on the table with a spoon and napkin...and asks the gentleman if he would like to eat this.
Our mouths dropped open as the man grumbled, but sat down and ate his pudding in silenced.

We were totally amazed, this was like a scene from Candid adult would seriously act like that! YUP they would and do.
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