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Oh dear mine arent appropriate for cruisemates haha. but i can tell half of it i guess...

Yeah so my last cruise was pretty wild....even though it was HAL and not wildwildwild like Carnival or RCCL..but still good. most of you have heard this already haha. all the guys were like all over me..following me like ducklings!! (haha Kate!!) but they were all uglyyy! so thats no fun for me so i had to resort to crew members. ohh my god there were some gorgeous ones. cept they had girlfriends but the ok ones didnt. so i had some fun with them up on deck if ya know what i mean. would have gone all the way with him on the last night cept i couldnt find him he was in the crew bar partying it up without me since it was his last cruise (meaning he didnt care about consequences) but im kinda glad i didnt cuz now im looking back at his pic and im like ewwww i could have done so much better! haha but he was 25 years old and hot to my altered state of mind


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