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Default Being a waitress my self( not on a cruiseship)

I'm figuring that none of you that posted replies have ever waited before!
1)All servers have time tables, you are suppose to meet and greet the table with in 30 seconds, which dosent happen as much when you get double or triple sat at the same time, when your very busy and people are on the wait list. So if you are in a restaurant and you waited 40 minutes and notice that is is very busy, give the server a little extra time to get over to you!
2) Drinks are supposed to be delievered with in 3 minutes, which also dosent happen when the restaurant is busy.
3)Then appetizers and salads/soups are supposed to hit the table within 10-12 minutes of ordering.
4) The main course should hit the table 18-23 minutes after the apps hit the table.We are supposed to ask if you need anything else, and ask for you to cut into your steak to make sure its the correct temp.( which is not our fault by the way!!)
5) Then theres the three-bite rule, we check back within three bites,(usually about a minute after the food has been dropped) because most people decided here wether somethigns cold, or they just don't like it. We also ask if you need anything else at this time.
6)Then we go back to the table about 4-5 minutes after the three bite rule, because majority of customers now remeber they forget to ask for something, and they need it to continue eating, because you all know if you forgot to ask for something and we dont check back till the end of the meal, your going to be mad.
7)Then after the meals are done we ask for dessert or coffee, then thats supposed to go out within 5-6 minutes.
8) Then were suppose to check back again with the three bites rule.
These RULES are pretty much the same for any restaurant and are enforced by our managers.

SOME ADVICE: 1)Don't yell across the dining room for your waiter of yell miss with your finger up in the air, while their waiting on another table, that is so rude!! Believe me they will notice that your impaitent.
2) One reason that other waiters may inyour eyes ignore you, is because they probaly cant do anything for you anyway, if you need another alcoholic drink, YOUR server has to put it in, not anybody else, or if you need another salad dressing or sour cream or something like that, YOUR server has to put it in, since there is a limit to how many you can have, and you get charged if your above that limit( this isn't our fault, we dont make the prices, we just have to follow them, so dont get mad at your server for an upcharge becuase you got broccoli instead of fries, we have to upcharge, theres no way to put it into the computers without it upcharging, the computers are made this way!)Also, YOUR server is the only one that can get you your bill, or to pay the bill,(where I work we have cards that we need to swipe in order to access our tables information on the computers). Or finally they may be busy with their own tables! I understand if your waiter stinks and their not around at all, thats understandable.
3) If you just got done with your meal, give a couple of minutes for your server to be back, dont get up and go find them in the kitchen or ask another server We are probaly just in the kitchen running other tables food or doing our "Duties" in the kitchen, thats right we dont just wait on our tables, we have to restock everything in the kitchen, and do our silverware, and rechange dressings, and theres alot more duities!! So even though we are not busy in front of you dosent mean that were not in the kitchen, we cant read minds, we dont know when your done at that exact second.
****I think if most customers knew some of this advice, then it would lead to better understanding customers, and therefore happier servers, and therefor better service!
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