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Default Re: Re: Packing List & To Do List

Thanks for the additions to my list.

The weather anytime in Florida is wonderful except during hurricane season when we have the occasional hurricane from June - Nov. This last summer was very unusual.

Yes, after this last summer I may change my hurricane preparedness list. You will see it entitiled "ABC-123 for Surviving a Hurricane". Many people found generators to be very helpful. My family was only out of electricity for three days, so we counted ourselves lucky. People coming to Florida for their cruises needed to check with their cruise company to see if the cruises were still scheduled, some were and some were not.

I went to the beaches in Sarasota a couple of weeks ago and except for the smaller quantity of sand and an occasional beached sail boat everything looked basically the same. I could see how high the water had been when the hurricanes came visiting by the amount of sea grass that had washed up on the shore.
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