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I don't think the negative reaction is because Rosie is's because she's rude and crude. She lacks tact, but not because of social ignorance, she really quite smart.

Rosie has been listening to her own publicity and ‘propaganda’. She believes that we, the public will buy into, listen and accept anything coming out of a Hollywood, as long as it is interesting, shocks us and challenges common sense, and she’s right…some people do buy into the ‘hype’. But in doing this, she is walking a tight rope, we all remember ‘Star Jones’…the public took a lot…then had enough!

Right now some might find her antics acceptable because:

1. They’re not the 'Target' or ‘focus’ of her clever verbal insights!
2. They don’t have to work with her everyday.
3. When Rosie gets ‘to much’ we have the option to change the channel or press mute. Imagine living or working with her and NOT being able to walk away or press the mute button!

It’s a sad commentary when we can find someone who is rude, crude and steamrolls everyone’s opinions daily entertainment. That’s entertainment?…

How ‘bout this, take that personality and put it in a fellow cruiser at your dinner table for a week or ten days…how long you would take it! How long would YOU let someone hog the conversation, interrupt you endlessly, put YOUR opinions down? Use foul language and think it’s clever…make obscene inferences in front of your family, children or friends?

Yeah…she’s entertaining, but only when you have the power to turn her off!
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