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i just finished on ships
was a purser for 3 and half years on carnival..
as far as waiter and steward wages, not really sure, i know they make a hell of a lot of tips! they were on more cash than me by hundreds! thats for sure...

all staff apart from officers will share cabins with 1 other person..
the cabins are small, but to be honest, u are not there much!! its really fine...
i wouldnt have stayed for so long if the conditions were bad

tipping position jobs do have to pay for they're own airfare to and from the ship, because of the fact that they do make a lot of money...

purser, ent staff, casino, etc get their paid

i think spa staff, eteiners pay they're own, or the steiners company will pay for them to get to london as thats where they are based, and then if they live somewhere else, they have to pay the rest of the fare.... thats how my friends worked...she was from aus, and steiner were only paying for her to get to london... which was rubbish i thought

steiners... get 1 day off a week
all other staff dont get any days off...they get time off in the day, in between shifts.

stewards would start about 6am...finish at 1pm then start again about 530 and finish about 11....
Emma xox
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