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Hi Donna,
I've worked for carnival cruise lines and on both the Extacy and Fantacy;What names eh .Carnival is a good company to work for especailly when you are a staff member.You are treated well. I must admit the fantacy is one of carnival oldest ship so don't expect much glamour on there,but don't worry about that at all.

As a stiener staff you will have full ship privillages.It's been a while since I've worked for CCL but much have not changed.I think Fantacy's itenerary is based around the Bahamas so you will have to carry worm clothing.You can bring a cardigan or somthing because it can get cool at nights.

Do not pack alot because you will fall into the art of shopping especailly in Miami.Just the essencials Things are so cheap there,you will see.Just one thing,VERY IMPORTANT.Carry some formal wear with you because a couple of months on board you will be needing them.As a stiener you will socialize alot onboard especailly in the evenings and you will need your evening dresses.

I think your company will provide overnight hotels for you before you join the ship but make sure you ask them before you set out on your adventure.

Finally you are in for a huge commitment,it will be hard especailly the first few months.You maybe will want to go home.But it will get better,it always does.

I hope you have a good time and you will enjoy it. By the way I live in nottingham.

Take care and good luck

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