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Originally Posted by You
Okay I'm in the market for a suitcase to take on my cruise. Just wondering...How big is YOUR suitcase? How many do you bring?
I usually check a 26" roller back "two suiter" and a 22" roller back "pilot's case," then carry on a briefcase and sometimes a computer bag or a small backpack. This combination is adequate even for sixteen or seventeen nights (the packing list for a cruise of fourteen nights plus three additional "casual" changes of clothes for a pre-cruise stay) on a cruise line that still holds both "formal" and "informal" evenings.

The cruise lines do not impose any restrictions of real consequence on the size or weight of your luggage, but you need to pay very close attentoin to your airline's regulations if you are flying to your ship. Most airlines now allow two suitcases weighing not more than fifty (50) pounds each wihout additional charge. A suitcase weighing eighty pounds will cost you $100 per airline check-in, but two suitcases weighing forty-five pounds each are included in your ticket. The clear message from the airlines is to bring two smaller pieces rather than one big piece.

If you are taking a film camera, be sure to pack all of your film in your carry-on luggage. The xray equipment that the TSA now uses to scan checked luggage will expose photographic film contained therein.

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