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December 31... New Year’s Eve

Before I get to today’s report…. Just a follow up on last night’s “party? goings on at the Sunset Bar that I was going to, when last I left you. Though it sounded like a party, when I got upstairs I found a pretty entertaining guitarist/singer and about 10 people.
The audio driven image of the party from our cabin didn’t quite equate with what I found when I got there. But the few who were there seemed to be having a great time. I checked around the ship again, in search of late night action, but about the only crowds I came across were in the casino.

Today we end our year with a visit to eclectic Key West, and begin the New Year onboard the “New Century? with 150 CruiseMates friends! Life (especiall this week) is pretty darned good!

We thought we would be docking pier-side next to Mallory Square today, but unfortunately we docked at the old Naval yards, which required a shuttle ride to the center of town. It’s only a 10 minute ride, but it is so much more convenient at the downtown pier, where you can get on and off the ship easily.

Some of the CruiseMates booked tours, others rented the small electric cars available in town, and others, like Mrs Kuki and I, just strolled the streets… with obligatory stops at the Blonde Giraffe, along Front Street, for a chocolate covered frozen key lime pie on a stick, and stops at ½ Buck Freddy‘s, and Fast Buck Freddy’s, before heading to Margaritaville for a CruiseMates party put together, and VERY graciously hosted by our cruise host Mike M.

Thanks for the drinks Mike!! Totally unnecessary, but very much appreciated by all who showed up!

The streets of Key West were pretty electric today, with the anticipation building to the legendary New Year’s Parties in Key West… and as they were going to be closing off Duval Street to all traffic in preparation for all the activities, most of us headed back to the ship at a reasonable time as not to get caught up trying to catch the last shuttle back to the ship. And no doubt many headed for their cabins for a pre New Year’s nap to help them make it to Midnight.

After dinner this evening many of us gathered in Nancy Bogert’s Penthouse Suite for champagne toasts, hosted by our Editor in Chief, Paul Motter and his wife Lou Ann. It was great fun seeing everyone decked out, and ready to bring in 2007! It’s odd when you think nothing of it seeing someone in a hot tub, wearing their tuxedo, and it just seems “normal? ( OK there wasn’t any water in it)… and there is a “rumor? floating around that there was a moose with it’s pant’s down around it’s knees and wearing a thong… though I personally didn’t see it. We even had a few officers drop in to have a New Year’s toast with us.

Afterwards many of the group headed up to the pool deck for the ship’s largest New Year’s Party. There was plenty of music, dancing, drinks and followed of course by late night food.

The mood on deck was festive and also hopeful! And all of us at CruiseMates wish each other and ALL OF YOU a VERY HAPPY, HEALTHY and PEACEFULL NEW YEAR!
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