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Returning to our cabin late tonight night we discovered a rather large moose laying in our bed. An inanimate, stuffed version, and not a towel creation by a room steward. This cuddly creature was lying there grinning at us, with no note as to how, from who, or by what means it had got there. So now there’s a “moostery? to be solved, and only 3 days to do it!

Tomorrow evening is our “official? complimentary CruiseMates Group Cocktail Party, and it’s going to be wonderful, now that everyone’s settled in a bit, to get to meet and spend some time talking to many more members of our group. And the interrogation, to solve the “moostery? will begin.

We also have the ship’s beautiful alternate restaurant, Muranos, reserved for members of our group for tomorrow evening, as well as Jan. 2. In talking to other passengers who’ve dined there already, all of us who chose to dine there are in for a treat.

Even though the New Year’s party is now done, the fun, the stories, and the great memories being made are far from done.
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