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I just wanted to say that last night we had a great reception where dozens of people filled Nancy's Penthouse. We took a lot of pictures, but the highlight of the evening was when Kuki did his striptease to show off the Happy New Year 2007 thong made for him by Linda Pearl.

In attendance were Seatrekker, MichelleP, Trip, Mary Lou, SCcooper, Cruisenut, Lisa, Kuki an just many many more people who will post later.

Yes, we DID get it on video, and if you are inclined to see it, you can click here: (recommended for broadband connections only).

The following NYE reception up on deck was a hoot, and unlike Princess cruises in 2001 when they were actually charging passengers for champage at midnight, they were actually giving away free champagne to everyone starting from the time we got up there.

We got more group gifts courtesy of a friend od Nancy who put together packages of streamers, bubbles, fun 2007 glasses, etc.
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