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No, the shots are not necessary except for high risk countries and people who are at risk.

Candidates for Hepatitis A Vaccination
High-Risk Populations

Travelers to developing countries with high rates of hepatitis A, including Mexico
Men who have sex with men
Users of illegal drugs
People who work with hepatitis A virus in research settings
People who work with infected nonhuman primates
Recipients of clotting factor concentrates
People with chronic liver disease (because of risk of fulminant hepatitis A)

Candidates for Hepatitis B Vaccination
High-Risk Populations

People with multiple sex partners and those who have been recently diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease
Sex partners and household contacts of HBV carriers
Men who have sex with men
Household contacts of adoptees from countries with high rates of hepatitis B
Injection drug users
Travelers to countries with high rates of hepatitis B (staying longer than 6 months)
People with occupational exposure to blood
Clients and staff in institutions for the developmentally disabled
Patients with chronic kidney failure (including those on chronic hemodialysis)
Patients receiving clotting factor concentrates
Inmates of long-term correctional facilities

Adults 18 years and older at 3 0, 1, and 6 to 12 months. Dossage 720 ELISA units (Hepatitis A), 20 µg (Hepatitis B) (1.0 mL total)

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