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Default Bring back a nonsmoking ship!

We loved our cruise on the Paradise. And you could really tell the difference that having a nonsmoking ship made in the soft goods, and the overall clean smell of the ship. Cabins didn't have that "stale" smell that they so often have when you first walk in. And the casino was wonderful to be in, with no smoke. I didn't have to use my inhaler once! There were no burn holes. You would think that, even though the cruise line lost money in the casino and bars, they would have done a cost analysis to see if the money they saved by not having to repair and replace things as often due to cigarette smoke and burns would have them coming out better. Perhaps they did and we didn't hear about it. But I also have to agree that they did NOT market it enough. I really think if they had done a better job of advertising that ship, for a longer period of time, it would have caught on. Perhaps that ship could have a smaller casino and refurbish part of the space for something else people would like? I do not think it was given a real chance to thrive.
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