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Good morning everyone from Grand Cayman:

Kuki has informed you of the fun we had at the Cruisemates cocktail party. In my thanks I did forget to thank Mary Lou for the beach bags and Rollerdonna for the Cruise Tune CD’s. Everyone loves both of them. (The gifts and the ladies ) I will make sure I give them their “props?, tomorrow, during trivia.

I also want to thank Kuki for my “St. Louis Hotel 1985 Calendar?. I would post a picture of it but, alas I would have to delete it if I did. Regardless, it is now signed by Kuki and will now have a special place above my server.

There are at least six ships anchored in Grand Cayman but I think there is one more hiding behind one of the Disney ships. The population of Grand Cayman has increased by about 15,000 today.

Last nights dinner at Murano’s was truly a great experience. Alternative dining is where Celebrity truly sets itself apart from other lines. The butterfly service and four star presentations are two notches above any other line. The $30 additional fee is well worth the charge for this dining experience plus my dining companions made it even better.

We may jump off the ship and pick up a couple of rum cakes, a few t-shirts and if I can slip off the leash, perhaps I can pick up a watch without Betty knowing it.

I have been told that the alternative dining in the buffet area is fabulous. Even though reservations are “recommended? there are plenty of tables on most nights and the food is excellent. It is a great alternative for those who do not wish to do the main dining room on some nights.

It is now time for trivia, so I’m off and then it’s to see if “I? can melt the credit card.

Take care,
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