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Default ZOTZER

I got to tell ya, I cruised the boards for a while (before I joined) reading the by-play between you, Dave and others. You are entertaining :-)

I'll wager you are a whole lot more fun...than me ;-)

My idea of a good time is sitting on the balcony, feet up on the railing, seabreeze wafting between my toes, and a steaming cup of earl gray in my hand. :-) Of course, if you get me near the "crypt..."

Thanks for the info!

I agree with you: Solo premium is worth it and the balcony is mana from heaven. I hope to line up a junior suite. My trip on the QEII was almost a "low birth", inside and kind of miserable. NEVER AGAIN, besides, I make enough money now to put the kybosh on that!

I will PM you.


Monarch of the Seas

Freedom of the Seas


QEII - 1996
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