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Default Re: Stay with Carnival

Originally Posted by PacificHeights7
Hi Libra,

Lots of people like NCL for the free-sytle dining. People who don't care to get dressed also like NCL.

Low Cost

Unsophisticated clientele
Party Harty Types (people who wish they were 20)

For lower priced cruise lines, I much prefer Carnival or RCCL.
your views are opinions only and certainly not based on any facts: AS for cost, catagory, versus catagory and type of ship being similar, NCL isn't one bit less expensive than other mass marketed lines. Perhaps the exception would be HAL. Pricing depends on the ship, the itienery and the time of year; Unsophisticated? Many will take that as a total insult, yes, NCL does atract many from the mid part of our country, but that does not mean they lack sophistication: you obviously haven't sailed NCl much; Party Harty, what the heck? NCL is one line that attracts cruisers from all age groups and has been chosen the best cruise line for multi generations traveling together.

You had a bad experience on the Majesty, even though the air conditioning was only out for one day as well as the engine problems occuring on Friday only, it was enough to upset you. This is not a reason to blast the entire fleet. NMNita
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