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Originally Posted by MrMate
Originally Posted by Arion
This thread seems to have deviated from "underage" drinking on a cruise ship, to officer drinking on a cruise ship.

I can understand not wanting deck/engine officers drunk, but I can't see a problem with the gift shop manager ( with officer status ), having a glass of wine with his dinner.

I'm not sure about whether or not 19 is underage to get alcohol ( above board - not getting it sneaked to you in the quiet ) - I thought it was underage to work on a cruiseship for anyone other than P&O.
So when the deck/engine officers drink it's to become drunk, and when a gift shop manager drinks it's just to have a glass of wine along with the dinner? Correct me if any statistics shows I'm wrong, but my experience is the complete opposite.
You got me all wrong dude - I wouldn't mind the giftshop manager being slightly tipsy after-hours, but I would mind the people responsable for the operation and safety of the ship to have a few.

If the gift shop manager has "officer status" - he/she should act like one and not using that status whenever it's convenient. Having officer status means mostly that one has safety duties with responsibility and as you all know, a safety hazard can occur when you least expect it.

I've seen enough people onboard thinking thay are officers who is totally blank when it comes to safety issues and don't even know the locations of the muster stations. (But that topic is thoroughly disussed in another thread )
Shouldn't you as Safety Officer be training them on these issues?

Seriously though, if you had the choice between a drunk giftshop manager, and a drunk Bridge Officer, which would you choose?
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