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Evening from the Holiday Inn on the Beach in Ft. Lauderdale. Tweety booked this for us using the Entertainment Book, and it's located right across the street from the beach, just off Sunrise Blvd.

Had some "interesting" times getting my rental car this morning (that's another story ), but did get here to meet Gaile and Harry.

We went to Bimini Boat Yard for lunch on the patio in amongst all the yachts! Mrs. Kuki wowed me by heading out this afternoon to do some laundry (there's a laundromat right around the corner), instead of napping like I did.

In about a half hour we're meeting Tweety, Harry, Ray and Helen downstairs to head out for some dinner.

ML.. I understand about the "luggage warehouse" , but that's the way pretty much everyone but RCI (in their new Miami terminals) handles it... colored tagged luggage in seperate areas.
Oddly ( I know) I find the system works better. When we've been with RCI in Miami, where they use airport style carousels, we've gotten stuck with luggage on the wrong carousels, and finding them was a chore.

The "warehouse" system doesn't look pretty, but I've always found it pretty effective, and found my luggage fairly easily. And everyone's always told me I'm "kuki" for not liking RCI's carousels
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