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Hi Folks:

The Party's Over:

We arrived home about one hour ago and the bags have been dumped. (No, Betty is still with me.)

Seriously: This, overall, was a fabulous cruise and the people are what made it so. I want to thank everyone who contributed with their presence and efforts to make this so special to Betty an me. We both had a fantastic time.

Here is the group picture that was taken on the Atrium stairway. I want to thank Kuki for powdering my head, before the picture, to minimize the glare. I also want to thank Mrs. K for making Kuki put his pants back on.

In regard to disembarkation: The only problem I had was having to sit in the lounge waiting for our color to be called. I love Freestyle disembarkation. Once our color was called it was off the ship and we found our bags in moments, grabbed a porter and off to the taxi and the airport.

I will agree with the aft balcony cabins on Century. If you are going to book one, book one below deck 10. The SV cabins are not the best balconies on the ship. If you get an end one, such as Mary Lou had you may have enough room for one person and our middle cabin was not really private and actually quite noisy from the Sunset Bar that was below. Also, squeaking from the steel tie downs over the bar began to drive me nuts. I should say drive me "more nuts". I would have sold my soul for a can of WD-40.

Otherwise the ship was fine, food was overall good and the buffet was better than most other ships.

I want to do another New Years Cruise for 2008
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