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We did the Pride of America in May 2006, I had read many reviews about how terrible this ship was, so carried my own lysol, bleach cloths and misc cleaning items. I have to say this was one of the bust cruises I have ever been on, and plan on another one out of Honolulu in the next few years. The food was very good, we were so busy that we didn't have time to visit any of the formal dining areas, but the buffets each night had a different theme. You are on the islands away from the ship so much that you don't have time to pick things apart. We also had three full days in Honolulu at the Radisson prior to sailing, and were upgraded automatically by Norweigion to a balcony ocean view room at no charge. The whole cruise, airfare and motel room cost us about $2,000 per person and was worth every penny. I would not hesitate one minute to book this trip again exactly as before. This trip lets you to see all four islands, I would hate to fly that distance only to see one of them. Each has a presence of its own, unforgetable, something everyone should see in a life time. Truly Paridise!!!
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