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We're booked on the Century for the January 22nd 5 night sailing. I have a couple of questions that I was hoping could be answered here by the experts.

I've been informed round-trip transfers from Miami airport to the ship cost $28/person. We're curious if it's best to go ahead and do this or just hire a taxi to transport us. It's just me and hubby - so 2 adults.

I haven't been able to get prices yet, but I might be interested in a massage or two from the AquaSpa while onboard. Has anyone done this and do you have any recommendations? I'll be getting a pedicure and possible a manicure before the trip - so no need for any of that while onboard.

I understand there will be 1 formal, 2 informal and 2 casual dining nights. Hubby and I do not own any formal wear. If he wears a dark suit and I wear a dressy black velour pants and jacket with a silky blouse, will this be acceptable for the formal night? Does anyone know if there is a standard schedule as to which nights will be formal, etc.?

We're staying at the Miami Courtyard Beach Oceanfront prior to our cruise. Has anyone stayed here or have any comments - positive or negative?

We're renting an Avis rental car. I believe there is a place near our hotel where it could be returned instead of taking it back to the airport. Do you know if the hotel or anywhere near there might have shuttles to the ship?

I think that's it for now. I appreciate everyone's sharing of their knowledge and experience. It's really been fun reading about the New Year's Cruise and Kuki's "special" sailing in November.

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