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My Royal Caribbean experience was awful. To add to the frayed and ugly supposedly superior balcony cabin, 7014, that never in my life would I have agreed to stay in on land, the personnel were almost all either disinterested in anything but the most mediocre service, or were grasping and blatantly demanding more money from you.

I had to leave the ship early and the purser's desk was informed several times over of this and the necessity that my sister and niece retain their seapasses set up on my cc. They didn't do one dxxx thing I asked. My sister was cut off from the moment I left the ship.

When I got home I called RC and they assured me that all was taken care of. It kept nagging at me and I called RC again later that night for a phone number to the ship, no one could help me at all. Can you fathom that? I spent hours on the phone until I found a marine operator who could locate the phone number for the ship and spoke with my sister and learned that they had in fact been cut off. I then spent hours on the phone in costly shore to ship calls to the purser's desk, only to be hung up on again and again. They proved to truly be the arrogant jerks they had appeared to be in person.
Finally just at midnight, after the shops closed and thus at this point serving no purpose, I got a very nice and competent young woman who listened to me, and sure enough their seapasses were cut off in error and she realized they should not have been and she took care of things. These jerks were going to present my sister with a promissory note for the cruise.

Furthermore, they removed personal items from my cabin upon my disembarking, that were left for my family, but claim no knowledge of this, including a 5$ poker chip.

The food was mediocre whether in the dining room or the Windjammer, no peace can be had in your cabin without dealing with constant tipping of grasping room service waiters for the cold food that was served or an fxxx pot of coffee to start off your day.

This cruise line is a joke, so far as I'm concerned all cruise lines are surely a joke, and a costly one to ignorant travellers. Go visit where you wish to go on your own, or get a private charter.
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