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Hia BabyD and Joe!!

Well reading all that brought back soooo many memoroes.
I just finished working on carnival for 4 years!
I was a purser and had a brilliant time! Lots of my friends were steiners..
you will get some crewmembers who will not intermingle with other depts... wont mention which ones, but me for one used to be friends with everyone! dancers...steiners...youth staff, bar staff housekeeping! I mean, you have to live with these people for 8 months... so get to know them all and you will have a happy life onboard and never be lonely.

hmmm what ships did i do...started in facination, then paradise, then ecstasy, then pride and then the Glory my fave out of all of them was thr Ecastasy! I find the older smaller ships like the Fantasy are the most fun! the crew are all very close and theres loads of partying !!!

of course u will be working hard..very hard, but at least as a steiner you get 1 day off a week! i didnt get any days off, which sucked huge !!! but i made up for that in the crew bar! lol

if you have annnyyy questions at all, let me know!!!

if they wont pay for a hotel, there is a cool one called the Embassy Suites, at the airport, and the carnival shuttle will pick u up from there in the morning and take u to the ship... as crew members stay there most nights...

have loads of funnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!
Emma xox
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