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Originally Posted by You
How often does the train from Civitavecchia to Rome and then back to Civitavrcchia run? Does it run 24 hours a day?
Probably not 24 hours per day, but there probably are trains at the time when you will want to go to or from a cruise ship.

Originally Posted by You
How far from the cruise dock is the train station and is it a safe walk?
Not walkable. The cruise dock is in an industrial port area. Like most European ports, Civitavecchia does not have a dedicated cruise ship terminal.

Originally Posted by You
Where does it drop you off in Rome?
Rome's main train station is in the center of the city.

Originally Posted by You
Do you need reservations or can you be assured of getting on board?
Reservations are certainly a good idea if you want to get onto a specific train.

Originally Posted by You
How long does it take and how much is it?
Probably a little over an hour and I have no idea as to price.

Originally Posted by You
I know these are a lot of questions, but when I googled it the sites seemed unclear to me. First hand experience is always better. THANKS!
I'm not sure what is motivating your quesitons, but there are better options.

>> If you are embarking or debarking in Civitavecchia and planning to stay in Roma on your own, most cruise lines offer transfers from the city center that go directly to the pier.

>> If you are on a cruise that has a port of call in Civitavecchia and you want to spend the day in Roma, your cruise line probably offers a "shore excursion" with a name something like "Rome on Your Own" that basically consists of round trip bus transportation between the pier and the center of the city. Again, this would be the most seamless solution and would maximize the time that you have on your own in the city. It probably also would be the most economical soluton since you'll have to add taxi fare from the pier to the rail station in Civitavecchia to the cost of the railroad ticket.

Have a great cruise!

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