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Default Re: Is Turkey, Greece and Italy safe for Americans?


Originally Posted by You
Due to the unpopularity of this war and our president ,I know many places are not safe for americans for those of you who have recently been to any of these ports did you feel unsafe or safe?
I'm not aware of any problems in any of these countries. You probably are just as safe there as in any major American city. There has been some unrest over the past several years in the Kurdish region of Turkey, but that region is in the southeastern corner of the country -- well over 500 miles from any port where cruise ships call.

I must say that I felt very apprehensive prior to going to Turkey for the first time, probably because I knew that Turkey is a Moslem country, but I felt much more at ease after I got there. The tour guides explained, very patiently, that the Turks are NOT Arabs even though both peoples are predominantly Moslem. In fact, Turkish culture is much more European than Asian. Turkey is a member of NATO and is seeking full membership in the European Union.

There's a lot of great information on every foreign nation in the respectiveBackgrond Notes, which get updated routinely, on the U. S. Department of State's web site, so you can go there to read about Greece, [url=]Italy, and Turkey.

The Department of State also publishes Travel Warnings for countries where serious dangers exist. There are no travel warnings currently in force for any of these countries.

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