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Default salt water pools on carnival

i know i haave read this before, but it seems to be more of a deciding factor than i thought. we already are booked on carnival, victory in july of 2005 with five adults and four kids. i noticed princesses pools are fresh water. is the salt water a real deterrent in enjoying the pools and water slide on the victory.? do the kids have a really hard time with burning of the eyes from the salt.? i assume our grandchildren 5,8,11, and 12. will be spending a lot of time int he pools on at sea days. we are doing snorkeling excursions on two islands so they will be in salt water on all those days and dealing with it. does anyone know the reason princess has freshwater and carnival has not mastered this yet? i know we are going to have a wonderful time either way and are all really looking forward to this. it was just a question on my part as i never thought about this particular situation. patticake
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