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Jan 11 Part 2

The CruiseMates complimentary group cocktail party was this afternoon.
It was scheduled the same time as the Carnival repeater’s party, so with the conflict, we may have lost a few to that event, but many of the group showed up, and it was nice to get to see and chat with everyone again.

With a port intensive itinerary, and the group split between early and late seating times, it’s a bit more difficult to get everyone together, and not much time to plan group events. But tomorrow is a sea day, and we’ve got a get together and group game planned for tomorrow morning.

John and Priscilla hold the record for having been on the most CruiseMates Group Cruises (think they’ve been on more of them than I have)

Each time they cruise with me, they’re very sweet, and bring me a moose of some kind… and the picture below is Helen with this trip’s version - a very cuddly cute “chocolate moose?.

It smells just like yummy chocolate, and I think Mrs. Kuki is going to want to sleep with him tonight instead of me.

Now that we’ve got together, it’s easy to see we have another great bunch of people in this group. And now we’re sad there weren’t more sea days so we could have “played? more with the group.

We had arranged with Paul, the Maitre d in our dining room, for Dan to join our table for dinner tonight. It was nice to get him out of the Staff Mess, and get some real food into him. Dan had a few fun “staff stories? to tell at dinner, but we’re sworn to secrecy.

As you may be have noticed in the picture above, our little section of the dining room, with the row of bench seating, has been somewhat abandoned. I’m not certain if it’s the obnoxiousness of our table, or the bench style seating that caused people to change tables, or eat elsewhere.

We’ve definitely decided we too don’t care for the bench seating, and the cramped quarters in this section of dining room, but we do like our waiter, Benda, and the service (other than the one San Juan night) has been excellent, so we didn’t request a move.

All special requests have been met, and met with a smile. Dinner tonight was once again excellent, and I’ve been most impressed with the delicious deserts.

This afternoon, for lunch, I tried the “Asian? station for the first time, and I was very impressed; wonderful vegetable spring rolls, a chicken dish, and a very nice fried rice. I may have to go back there tomorrow.

Tonight before the headliner comedian’s show there was a Love & Romance game, followed by Battle of the Sexes, and then a bingo game where the winner gets to play Carnival’s version of Deal or No Deal.

The headliner, comedian Will Marfori was entertaining, and I’m now looking forward to seeing his late night comedy show tomorrow.

Afterwards the cruise staff did the “If I Were Not Upon the Sea? skit, and our new temporary tablemate Dan had a part. It’s a cute, and fun skit, and the staff seem to have some fun doing it.
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