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Liberty - Jan. 12

I think overall I’ve enjoyed the Liberty even more this cruise than I did on our 16 day transatlantic crossing. Partially it’s because both Mrs. Kuki and I really needed to relax and unwind after a hectic few months at home, and that’s certainly happened. And likely also because of the port intensive itinerary, the ship has never really felt crowded.

Some people would view the interior décor of the Liberty as being garish or outlandish, but other that The Hot & Cool Disco, which is over the top, I find the décor quite enjoyable. No one would call it elegant, but there’s certainly a fun element to the ship partially created by the décor design.

The entertainment onboard has been solid, even if I personally had seen many of the acts before. The headliner who drew the most raves from the CruiseMates group was Marc Anthony, who has a wonderful singing voice, but also interacts with the audience to make his show a complete package.

I’ve heard few if any complaints about staff in any areas of the ship, and overall it seems to be a happy crew onboard, and generally a happy, friendly crew leads to happy and friendly passengers. I haven’t noticed anyone being rude while waiting in lines, or people cutting into lines… and as a result quite a pleasant atmosphere pervades onboard.

Last night and again today we’re experiencing fairly choppy seas (I’m estimating 10 - 12 ft. seas), and today a 58 Kilometer per hour wind across the bow. Skies are dark and cloudy far into the horizon, and rain showers on and off, so it’s an indoors kind of day. A good day to lay around the cabin, watch movies, and alternate reading a book, and napping with those activities. The only ugly weather day of the cruise, after gorgeous hot sunny days, so if not ideal, tolerable.

For those who want more activities, there’s several different trivia games on the schedule, as well Scategories, morning and afternoon bingo, golf lessons, an ABBA dance class, afternoon tea time with classical music, and a Liberty Live and Up Close, with the Cruise Director and some of the ship’s staff and crew for a Q & A session.

We’d scheduled a “CruiseMates game? for this morning, telling everyone to meet pool-side at 10 A.M, but the cool weather and rain convinced many to stay in bed, or inside, so the dozen of us who showed up just sat around and visited until everyone got chilly, and started heading inside.

Because of my dislike of the shuffling machines at the gaming tables I've spent very little time in the casino this cruise. This afternoon I may go give it an another whirl.

BTW.. even though their is a Texas Hold 'Em table in the casino, I was surprised to learn they don't hold a tournament during the cruise. I'm told it's because of staffing issues, in that not enough of the dealers know how to deal the game well enough.
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