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? On BJ shuffling machines- do they shuffle after each deck is used up and the fresh deck is ready, or do all the cards go in after each hand is dealt thus always playing with "the full deck" which I also dislike. Did BJ area seem less busy you think now??
They place the cards back in the machine every hand, and the machine holds 6 decks, so all 6 decks are in play every hand.

?Having a starboard balcony coming up, can you tell me at each port what you where facing when docked, (the dock vs. water view etc)
The view from starboard while docked in port varied - San Juan, we had a view of the harbor - St. Thomas our view was Havensight mall - Antiqua - the view was the ship docked next to us - Tortolla - the same.

As far as sun in the afternoon, and sunsets from the balcony. To San Juan, Antigua, and Tortolla we seemed to have sun and sunsets on the balcony in the afternoon. Of course when the ship started heading north after Tortolla we were facing east.
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