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Default Re: flourless choc cake? alternate menu,copy menus??

Originally Posted by buffetfan2004
The answers on BJ and what your balcony faced where exactly what I was looking for - perfecto! Thanks

Did they serve a dessert yet called Flourless choc cake? In a custard cup dark choc cake with oozing filling that is very hot? If so what night?

You mentioned alternate menu, I know sirloin steak and grilled chicken available, can you get a copy to post? (Maybe other menus to post as well this being an 8-dayer?) Online menus aren't as accurate anymore.

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Sorry to jump in here, but the name of the cake you are describing is called warm chocolate melting cake. It's on the alternative menu, and you can get it any night. Its delicious, isn't it?

I bought a chocolate lava cake mix here at home and fixed it in 4 ramekins (custard cups). It tasted just like what we had on the Liberty. YUMMY!
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