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I have been on 6 cruises and about to go on my 7th and I never leave home without my small bedside fan. I have been in all 3 room types (inside, ocean view, balcony) and it is never cool enough in the rooms. Now other places on the ship were quite chilly at times but the rooms seem warm. Also as someone else stated, you will definately need an extension cord or power strip. I always take both. I plug in the power strip first then use that to plug in my extension cord so that I can run the cord to my fan by the bed. The other outlets on the power strip are used for battery charger, curling iron, hair dryer and clock. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I like to be able to look over at the clock and know what time it is without having to get up. I can do without the nightlight but not the glowing clock. Also I always take my favorite INSULATED MUG WITH LID. The glasses in the room are small and the ones from the grill are just cheap plastic. The ice in your drink melts within minutes if you are out by the pool and using one of the cheap plastic glasses. Ziplock bags are also handy especially if you have kids. I always put the medicine I am bringing for my little girl in a gallon ziplock. Liquid Tylenol, Motrin, Benadryl, etc....My shampoo/conditioner,tanning lotion etc..goes into another gallon ziplock. They are also good for damp clothing such as your bathing suit or watershoes if you are packing to go home and those items are still damp.
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