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Hi, they must hide the baby food because in 13 cruises I have never seen it. It must be a small selection. I know at dinner with our grandson they offered to puree anyhthng on the menu if we wanted for him.
But I do know that anything you buy on dcl is more expensive than at home.

Your probably better off bringing stuff from home just in case.
They do have wooden high chairs, if your baby is sitting up.

Strollers , ok I would strongly suggest an umbrella type stroller. Regular size barely fit in the hallways and if you meet someone in the halls it is really hard to get by. The stores are small and very diffcult to take a stroller in, both on the ship and in the ports you visit. Plus if you do excurion whether it is by bus or boat you won thave much room even when the stroller is folded, so the smaller the better.
Umbrella strollers also can take the place of a high chair if you want. Your wait staff will remove a chair for you. Many people do this.

Yes you can often get extra hours at Flounders during the cruise. It just depends on how many people are using it. It is still reservation only. You just have to check back each day to see if they have any openings left, if so then they will usually let you take the spot with no problems.


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