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Jan . 13 - Liberty

I keep meaning to mention, and I’ve kept forgetting,- the clock by the main pool area. I had talked about early in this virtual cruise report, that it hasn’t kept proper time since our transatlantic cruise on this ship. It was “magically? fixed the day after I mentioned it here, so I guess that goes to show someone on the ship has been reading along with you.

We arrived in Nassau this afternoon, just prior to 1P.M. Nassau was “Cruise Ship City?, with a total of 6 ships visiting including us. Today prior to arrival, at lunch time, was the first day we encountered massive lines at all the various buffet stations. It was either because today is the last day of the cruise and 3400 people decided they hadn’t had their monies worth yet, or because everyone wanted to have lunch before spending the day in Nassau. Added to that was the fact two lines in the buffet were dedicated to a massive chocolate buffet.

The entire Lido deck was very busy, with people either feeding at the trough or enjoying the brilliant sunshine. I’ll post the picture for the more appetizing of the two

It was such a beautiful day, and with our Paradise Island plans set aside, Mrs. Kuki and I elected to avoid the crowds of six ships in town, and spend the day on the ship. We didn’t quite have the place to ourselves, but it was very peaceful, and pleasant. She read, and I sat in “my office? enjoying the final day, and contemplating what I’m going to do when I grow up.
Though these big blue molded plastic chairs look odd, they are really comfortable, and with a little coffee table, it’s almost like sitting in your outdoor family room.

I’d previous mentioned our wait staff, and how good our waiter Beda has been, and how I suspected Michael his assistant was fairly new to the job. Turns out our suspicions were confirmed. I asked Beda how long they had been working as a team, and he said it was their first week together, and that it was Michael’s first week as an assistant.

Michael was obviously nervous, and likely placed with a veteran like Beda (who started with Carnival on the Tropicale) for training purposes. But frankly, this put too much on responsibility on Beda… even though he handled it well. We obviously spotted the situation early on, and are not a particularly demanding group. However, Michael should have either received more training before being “thrown into the fire?, or been assisted by one of the head waiters, or aided by other assistants, not be left to just learn by trial and error.

The Internet connections using the ship’s Wi Fi service has been reliable, and the speed not too bad for a ship. And if for some reason you need to do some work, or stay in touch while on the cruise, it can be kind of cool doing it pool-side.

There were notes in the Carnival Capers several times, stating that if you bought a second time package (because you’d used them all), you could go to the Web Café manager and they’d give you up to 30 minutes of bonus time. In the Internet Café itself, using their machines, there are several times during the cruise where they hold “internet happy hour? - so connecting is half price.

The ship was in Nassau until 8 P.M tonight, and I was somewhat surprised how many empty tables there were at our 6:15 dinner seating. Honestly, other than Atlantis I’m not sure what cruise passengers would do around Nassau in the evening. At any rate, unlike our “San Juan night? dining room service was just fine.

One comment of note… regarding our getting Key Lime Pie a couple of extra nights. If there’s something off menu that you’d like, give them a day or twos advance notice with your request, and they’ll make you pretty much anything you want, as long as the ingredients are on the ship. I doubt you could order lobster every night, but probably anything within reason would be fine.

I found out tonight that I was WRONG about dry cleaning being included in the Platinum membership benefits. We’d assumed it was because no bills or statement came back with the dry cleaning. But, I checked our statement tonight on the television system in the cabin, and we were charged for dry cleaning… so just take note of my error!!

The launder and fold service was complimentary, and very fast. We utilized it a lot, and each time we sent it in we got it back the same day.

This evening during dinner I tried to make my way around the dining room to say goodbye to the people in our group. I also went by 8:00 P.M. dinner seating, where I knew some of the group was dining as well.

They were there the other nights
Some of the folks I never did find, which is fine.
Some people love the interaction of the groups, other just book into our group cruises for the great pricing. It's always entirely up to you how much you participate or choose not to.

While I was off visiting some of the gang went to the game shows and bingos being held in the main showroom. Later as I walked around a corner I found some of them who seemed to be pretending they were on a train near the Promenade Bar.

We have early debarkation tomorrow, so many of us headed to our cabins to get the luggage out in the hall, and attempt to get to sleep early.

Back on land tomorrow I’ll fill you in on the debarkation process and attempt to put the pieces of this virtual cruise report into some form of summation. I'll also be able to spend more time trying to answer more of your questions.
As always if you'd like to see enlarged pictures of the ones posted here, just to to the photo galleries, and double click the pictures to enlarge the view.

I hope you’ve enjoyed cruising along with us.
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