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Why do you recommend the Silver over the Gold? I have read elsewhere that the Silver was at the aft of the ship and you felt more vibration back there, whereas Gold is in the Middle with little or no vibration felt. We chose 6:15 mainly because of that reason....
The Silver is aft and the Golden mid ship... so Golden could be considered the better location.

BUT.. the Silver is the larger of the two, and it's much more open than the Golden. It's also surrouded on three sides by windows which makes it more open.

The one problem with the Silver's location is access to it. You have to come down the very aft elevators or stairs... and use Deck 5 or higher to come forward to those stairs/elevators.

All things considered it would still be my presonal preference. Though if you're early diners the 6:15 time is much better IMHO.
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