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We're actually in Ft. Lauderdale for tonight, and most of the day tomorrow (our flight doesn't leave until 8 P.M tomorrow). We're staying at the Embassy Suites on 17st. and were able to book for tonight, and pay an extra $50 for "late checkout" to allow us to stay in the room until 6 P.M.

We were off the ship early, got our rental car, and came to the hotel shortly after 9... and didn't expect a room would be available for check in. It wasn't.

We hopped in the car, went to the Original Pancake House on 1A1 for a great breakfast (even though Embassy Suites told us we could have their breakfast though we weren't checked in). From their we drove up to Saw Grass Mills. Hadn't seen the news section yet. I let Mrs Kuki go into the Prada store just to smell it

1 PM we were back at the hotel, room available, and her I am. Mrs. Kuki is napping, and we're meeting cruisemates friends for dinner tonight.

Sure to appreciate having high speed internet access , instead of waiting 10 minutes online just to load all the SPAM e-mails
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