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I'm 15 cruises - 14 Holland America (HAL), 1 Royal Caribbean (RCCI) with a kiddo who is 8 HAL, 1 Princess and 1 RCCI. HAL and Princess are generally older. RCCI more family friendly with more things for kids to do. RCCI crew seems a bit more friendly and making effort to please. Food on HAL/Princess more sophisticated, which can be a good or a bad thing given individual tastes. True that HAL/Princess folk seem to turn in earlier - RCCI a bit more lively. RCCI and Carnival cover more "home ports" which can cut transportation costs. Never hurts to try other lines for comparison if the cost is comparable...

Originally Posted by seadog2
My wife and I have cruised 15 times with RCI and two times each on Carnival and Princess. We found Princess to be too laid back. It is a much older crowd. It appeared that most people there had been in retirement for 25 plus years. Things closed down too early. DW and I are in our early Fifties.
Carnival on the other hand was a bit too live for us. We are not the "boogie down, party hardy" animals we use to be. We still like to "get down", we just do it with a little more ease. We found that Royal Caribbean is just the right speed for us. No knock against the other lines, we just prefere RCI. By the way you can check out RCI's Military rates. They do have some. Enjoy.
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