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Good Lord, man!

You don’t drink, you don’t gamble, and you don’t socialize….

And there you will be……

On board an ocean liner. In the middle of the ocean.

And so you have several options. Including coming eyeball-to-eyeball with your fellow passengers.

And yet you have nothing to worry about. A cruise through paradise is nothing to get worked up about. You see, you have several options.

Not the least of which is to enjoy your time in paradise. Take an island excursion, take a lounger by the pool, take a nap in your cabin. Enjoy yourself – you’re in paradise after all!

Your cruise is what you make of it. It’s the be-all-and-end-all of vacations, or it isn’t. It is entirely up to you.

So, what is it that you enjoy?

Perhaps you enjoy a quiet day away from any distractions. Perhaps a day away from it all is to your liking. Perhaps a relaxing evening in the piano bar.

Whatever your liking, you will find it aboard a ship. And it is this that makes cruising special.

So enjoy your cruise, my friend. Do your thing, at your pace. I promise you that you won’t find a better vacation bargain at any price!

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