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Default Re: Cruising from San Francisco-Need help...

Originally Posted by clayb77
We've booked the Golden Princess from S.F. in April.
We got good rates flying in to Oakland. Is that recommended?

OAK is usually cheaper than SFO, but not always for air fares.

It looks closer to the pier area than SFO...

Does the ship dock at pier 35? If not, which pier?

Pier 35. That's the one.

Which hotels do you recommend?

On, We found a 4-star hotel
in Embarcadero area for $125 a night..
Any suggestions. We don't want to spend any more than that....

That area is the tourist capital of the world. For one night, that should be OK. What Hotel?

How much for a cab from the Oakland Airport to the pier area?

Six of one a half dozen of the other

San Francisco International (SFO)

Distance: 19 MI/ 30.58 KM N
Taxi Fee: $45.00 (USD)
Time by taxi: 40 minutes
Time by train: BART/Muni: 60 minute

Oakland International Airport (OAK)

Distance: 20 MI/ 32.19 KM NW
Taxi Fee: $55.00 (USD)
Time by taxi: 50 minutes

Thanks in advance for your help.

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