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Glad you are joining us. Travelcruiser, being from Miami you know how easy it is to cruise. Just a quick ride to the pier and you are on vacation.

S&J, hopefully you will enjoy it as much as we do. IMO, it is not like a hotel vacation at a resort. It is really great way to travel.

You first cruise will be a little different experience than the other cruise lines, I think, due to freestyle cruising. It is probably a good way to do it for your first cruise, not that traditional cruising would be bad.

We were on the ship for a one night cruise to nowhere with Rosie O'Donnell. It is a very interesting ship.

There are some great things about the ship and some hideous things about the ship. Most of the hideous things about the ship have to do with color choices for the decor rather than in the ships layout. The main lobby is ugly, ugly! The pool area looks like a wanna-be designer was fired by Disney for incompetance and hired by NCL to design the lobby and pool area. Though they do have the right idea with some of the pool furniture. The best part of the ship is the layout. It is not one of those ships with a grand atruim in the middle, but it works. I have been on 17 cruise ships so far and I can say that this is a departure from the traditional layout of the others.

I am looking forward to 9 days on the Pearl. It should be fun.

19 cruises total on all different lines including RCCL, NCL, Celebrity, Princess, Holland America and Sea Dream. Our 20th Cruise is October 2007 on the Mariner of the Seas.
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