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Default Noise In Halls Late At Night

I am sure this "gripe" has been posted - but as this behavior regularly appears on my cruises - I think it is worth discussing once again

On every cruise I have been on - I have been awaken by noise in the hall. I am not one of those who goes to bed at 9PM - usually I am in bed between 12:30 and 1 AM and up by 5- 5:30 AM. Thus I expect that people would have enough sense not to yell and scream in the cabin areas when most people are sleeping.

Nope - it never fails that a group returns from a late night, yelling and screaming while walking past the cabins, or even worse - yell and scream at each other when one is inside the cabin and the others are outside of the cabin, and their cabin is adjacent or across from yours. The doors and walls are just not that soundproof to keep the noise out - although we have gotten smart and place a towel on the bottom of the cabin door.

Yell in the disco - scream in the casino - bellow on the decks - but keep voices down a bit late at night when in the cabin areas. Is this so hard?

On our last cruise - we were hanging out with another individual who noted that there should be a written code of behavior for passengers distributed with the tickets. Things like not hogging the lounge chairs by the pool, or kids in the adult hot tubs. We both agreed that notices should be posted in cabin areas that after a certain hour (11-12PM until 7am) individuals should refrain from yelling, screaming and shouting as they walk through the cabin areas. He also has had the same problem.

Common sense? Of course - but as they say - common sense is not that common
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