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Sadly, disrespectful kids grow up to the disrespectful adults. It literally goes back to a total and complete lack of parenting. And unfortunately, it is getting worse as our society decays.

What most don't realize (or care) is that they are showing how little they respect themselves more than how little they respect other people. Individuals (adults) who act like this are insecure and shallow and "being loud" is the only way they know to make themselves feel "more important than they really are". Children on the other hand (generally) who act like this are the product of "breeders" and not parents.

I walk the hallways quietly and gently close my cabin door (when I come in at 2AM) because I respect MYSELF. Both of my boys, who have always cruised with us, were raised to do the same.

My oldest is now 18 and when he came to bed at 3AM last month on the Fantasy, I did not even know it. He has always known that these were the rules. We have always said "If you want to cruise, you follow the rules... or you will be left at home."

But then, this is the way my boys act at home also. They have never jumped on the beds or slammed doors or acted disrespectful. Because as they will both tell you "Momma don't bluff!"

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