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Default NCL Tipping Question

We are about to take our first NCL cruise (on the Jewel in March) and reserved a penthouse suite because we are taking our 2 daughters (3 and 8) with us and were looking for more room. The Penthouse has a separate kid's bedroom (pretty small but it is a separate room) in addition to the living/dining area and master bedroom so this should fit our needs just fine. My question is about tips for the butler and concierge that come with the room. I'm assuming the $10/day/person ($5 for kids) covers the food service staff and the room attendant so you don't have to slip them the envelopes like we did our our last 2 cruises (RC and Celebrity 4-5 years ago). However, the instructions say to basically tip the butler and concierge based on usage. I'm curious if anyone else has stayed in an NCL suite or mini-suite and, if so, what kind of tip did you leave these people. I doubt we will use the concierge except possibly to change a dinner reservation as we are pretty independent and will have our restaurant selections, spa treatments, etc reserved well before we sail. The butler is a different story in that in addition to the daily routine serve I plan to have breakfast delivered every day and we will also use the ships laundry services a few time and I'll coordinate this with him.

On a related note, do you tip the people working in the kids program or is this considered part of the overall services provided as part of the ship. In the past we didn’t and there was no indication that tips were expected or a mechanism to easily make a tip (envelopes, tip boxes, etc) but I want to see what other people have done.

Any experience or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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