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I worked with starboard for 2 and a half years.It's not the worse company to work for but it's not the best either.Basically working for starboard does'nt have a great impact on you once you get onboard because you abide by the rules and regulations of the cruiseline.

Once you have gone through the application process and have been hired you are placed on a pile until someone comes across your name and remembers that you have acctually applied.You can wait for months and months if you do nothing.

My best bet is which always work is to start calling the head office in Miami and let them know who you are.Ask if they are aware that you have been interviewed and have been offered the position,because trust me there are thousand like you waiting.Let them know that you are ready right away for the next possible availability.

From there you have gotton the ball rolling just make sure that you have an answer.You just have to be aggressive and show your interest or nothing will happen until your file comes up which might be under hundreds.

Just to know how reliable these companies are,I had a collegue who worked in the same shops as me.He had worked with the company for four years before I started.Though paying his wages every month he called the office once for something that he needed.He was told that he does'nt work for starboard and there is no record of him here. Remember he worked with them for the past 4 yrs and being paid by them every month.

So go for it and good luck.

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